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Spend Less Time 'Managing' Your Email

A single click files most of your email. Thanks to our powerful predictive filing engine, we take the tedium out of managing your mailbox. Filing on send means none of the recipients have to do any filing.

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Never Wonder Whether a Message Got Filed

At-a-glance, our global (firm-wide) filing indicator shows you which messages in your mailbox have already been filed by you or someone else at your organization. If you know someone else already filed a message, you don’t have to spend time filing it too.


Save time. Produce more.

Our email management innovations can save you time with every email you send and receive. Saving time means productivity.
The data speaks for itself.


Drive user adoption

A seamless interface in Outlook ensures that more email gets captured because users just pick the right location of the 4-5 presented to them. Still have people that like to drag and drop? Don’t worry, we cover that too.



Stop hunting for emails

ndMail intelligently knows the best location to file a given email based on the unique characteristics of that email, its contents, attachments as well as individual and firm-wide filing behavior.


Deploy in seconds

With nothing to install, getting started is as easy as installing the Outlook add-in and authenticating to your NetDocuments account. All predictions come from the cloud so there is no need to build a local “filing history.” Our global (firm-wide) predicted filing locations are as accurate for the newest employee as they are for your most dedicated filer, sharing the benefits of dedicated filers with the rest of the firm.


ndMail is unlike other email management solutions. It comes pre-loaded with accurate filing predictions leveraging AI technology based on existing matter content and filing behaviors. This eliminates the need for complex deployment or pre-trained models to generate its predictions. The value is immediate.

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